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Permanent Make Up

Permanent Makeup. Also known as micropigmentation and permanent cosmetics. Permanent makeup uses tattoo techniques to enhance or reproduce features that are not pronounced or have been lost due to aging, a medical condition, or scarring.

Permanent Make Up

What You Need

Hair Stroke Eyebrows/ Eyebrow Microblading

120 minutes:  $275

Beauty Mark

80 minutes:  $90

Top Eyeliner

120 minutes:  $200

Lip Liner

120 minutes:  $195

Bottom Eyeliner

120 minutes:  $200

Full Lip Color

Top and Bottom Eyeliner

180 minutes:  $375

Initial Touch Ups Within 3 Months of Initial Service

40 minutes:  $60

Touch Ups Within 4 Years of Procedure

80 minutes:  $200

180 minutes:  $390