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Readings - Meditation - Hypnotherapy*

50 / 80 minutes

*All services on this page are only offered on Tuesdays during the summer months!

What are the benefits of a Reading?

  • Intuitive skill development. 

  • Check-in with Self.

  • Know your own personal language.

  • Defining what you really want. 

  • Understanding the language of Nature in directing your life.

  • Freedom from blocks.

Readings & Hypnotherapy

Intuitive skill development....

...Understanding the language of Nature in directing your life

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Private Meditation*

50 minutes:  $75

This service is All About You, You, and only YOU! 

Meditate with your private service provider as your facilitator and Breathe, Enjoy, and surrender. Meditation is not about empty thoughts, it’s about feeling and observing. This therapy is open for all levels, we welcome YOU where YOU are at. 

*All services on this page are only offered on Tuesday's beginning

July 9, 2019

*All services on this page are only offered on Tuesday's beginning

July 9, 2019

Special Introductory Offer

$20 off your first session with DiTina!

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Deep Stretch with Guided Meditation*

50 / 80 minutes:  $75 / $105

Stretching can provide the body and mind flexibility, challenge our brain to stop racing, and get us in tune with the moment. Add that with a guided meditation for a rejuvenating wash of insights and joy. This treatment is especially good for people with ADHD, PTSD, trauma, and past physical injuries.

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50 minutes:  $150*

80 minutes:  varies $200+*

Relax, enjoy a story, and receive a plethora of benefits that range from stress-relief, nervous system balancing, and removing unconscious programming that you might want to uncover. Treatments can include: Weight management, skill enhancement, ceasing a habit, or just going on a spiritual journey. We recommend you come into the session with an open mind without attachment to a specific outcome, as the way your body works can be mysterious. Join us and let’s see where you go!

*Includes consultation.

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*Toe Reading, Soul Reading, Intuitive Skill Development Reading

50 / 80 minutes:  $75 / $105

The metaphysics, philosophy, psychology and body of the human existence contains a mystery that many minds are trying to unlock. This world is a cocktail of creative beings needing love, knowledge, and encouragement. There is a respect of initiation into deeper places of self, an internal voyage, and an intimate relationship with a ‘cause’ that is being called to everyone. Many people are making a push/pull and give/receive recipe in their soul kitchen. There is a direct connection of communication bodies respond to with Spirit and it’s never-ending.

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Reiki Energy Healing

50 minutes:  $130

Whether you’ve been staring at a screen for too long, feel the WiFi around you, notice you are more drained or lethargic, or feel emotionally empty- we all need a little love burst sometimes. Reiki is the universal life force energy…and even within that we can get bombarded. Maybe you are burned out. Maybe you’re not even sure what Energy is or was. 

This treatment is specific in clearing out energy that is no longer serving you, and re-charging you with energy that is specifically yours. This works well, specifically, for the care-takers, mothers, fathers, empaths, and people that like to give.